DCC has embraced a partnering philosophy since its founding. To build sustainable, lasting partnerships with our clients, we have made meeting our clients' needs the priority in all facets of our business. Because of our ongoing commitment to supporting the goals of our partners, our relationships typically last many years. We work hard to ensure these relationships are productive, and remain focused on the mutually established partnership objectives. One of the advantages of working with our firm, and an important factor that differentiates us, is the personal attention that is given to each project we touch. Our staff is passionate about developing relationships and providing client-focused solutions. This means becoming an extension of our client and developing a connection that goes beyond working alongside them, and taking personal ownership in the success of the project at hand.

DCC has made it a priority to build relationships with those in our community. We partner with local and state officials, subcontractors and vendors to ensure we are building better infrastructure, strengthening local businesses and providing new opportunities for those in our home town. We strive to maintain an active status as a community partner and uphold good stewardship within the community.

The preservation, conservation and diversification of our planet's limited resources have always been a priority for us. DCC embraces this philosophy both externally in the services we provide and internally within our own corporation. Our firm has partnered with many of our clients to improve their environmental performance. We have partnered with our community to minimize the effects of human intervention on our natural resources. DCC is continually focused on recognizing and addressing new ways we can reduce our environmental impact while improving the services we provide to our clients and communities.